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genevieve cron

An Introduction to Forum Theatre with Geneviève Cron (Paris)

Cape Town contact improvisation dancers met Geneviève for the first time during her visit to Cape Town in September 2016 when she taught an outstanding weekend workshop on (some of) the basics of Contact Improvisation.

Of course we had to invite this accomplished dancer, performer, gymnast, theatre practitioner, movement therapist and engineer back!

Her “Introduction to Forum Theatre” workshop in Feb 2018 is the highlight of next year’s cultural exchanges.  Don’t miss this one.   We are very grateful to the Novalis Ubuntu Institute in Wynberg for hosting the workshop.


Read a short interview with her in French.  Watch some of her performances clips.

More About Geneviève Cron (Paris)

She is a dance-therapist, movement teacher, and project leader.

During her academic years, she discovered improvisation – in theatre and dance, and in contact improvisation. She endeavours to discover techniques to improve her contact vocabulary (thai massage, tango); body availability (somatic techniques); instant creation skills; “body physicality” (running, gymnastics, martial arts); and “acting” (Augusto Boal’s forum theatre , dance theatre).

She has been teaching improvisation and contact improvisation in regular classes, in one-to-one sessions, and in festivals since 2009. Her teaching focuses on movement appropriation, improvisation, and on seeking the paths of least effort.

she also teaches acrobatic gymnastics, relaxation, theater forum, non-violent communication (compassionate communication), dance and movement therapy. She works in business contexts to improve quality of life at work, in groups or individually, using artistic, communication and movement therapy tools.

Contact genevieve.cron@gmail.comwww.genevievecron.fr  (in French)

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