The Touch of Africa

About Us

Afrodite lays the riches and ancient secrets of Africa at your feet so that you can be naturally beautiful.

How to Get Soft Skin

In a word, by having regular African saunas.  Afrodite Black Soap has also been called “Black Gold” and for good reason.  It is mild moisturising  …. blah blah blah.

An African sauna

Start in the dry sauna …. have a short shower after 10 minutes and return.  When you’re good and sweaty exit the sauna, apply Afrodite Black Soap all over your face and body (avoid the eyes).   Return to the steam room and give yourself a 5 – 10 minute hot steam.

Exit the sauna, scrub your body with the Afrodite kese glove (as shown in the video) and rinse.  The kese glove removes dry dead skin and the Afrodite black soap acts as a moisturising mask.  You’ll emerge soft and glowing.